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Men’s Basketball @ James Madison Preview

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Probable Starters:

UMBC (0-4):
C- Robbie Jackson (9.8 ppg, 4.8 rpg, .571 FG%)
G- Adrian Satchell (3.3 ppg, 6.0 rpg, 1.3 bpg)
G- Chauncey Gilliam (15.3 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 1.3 spg)
G- Matt Spadafora (7.8 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 1.3 spg)
G- Chris De La Rosa (6.5 ppg, 7.3 apg, 3.3 rpg)

Key Reserves:
F- Jake Wasco (0.3 ppg, 1.3 rpg, .500 FT%)
G- Bakari Smith (1.0 ppg, 1.0 rpg, .250 FG%)
G- Shawn Grant (10.5 ppg, 1.3 spg, .484 FG%)
G- Nick Groce (2.5 ppg, 1.0 apg, 0.8 rpg)
G- Brian Neller (3.3 ppg, 1.3 rpg, .222 3-PT%)

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Men’s Basketball Drops a Close One to Loyola, 69-66

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Sophomore swingman Chauncey Gilliam scored a career high 22 points against local rival Loyola, but the Greyhounds just got past the Retrievers 69-66 as UMBC falls to 0-2.

While Gilliam came out on fire scoring nine points including a three and a crowd roaring dunk in the first five minutes of the game, Loyola switched to a zone-defense and really forced Gilliam to pass the ball around, only allowing him one more point in the half. But in the second half he rattled off 12 points to keep UMBC in the game.

Loyola held the lead for the majority of the game, but in the final seven minutes there were six lead changed and three ties. With a 10 point deficit at the half, 36-26, UMBC played well to get back in the game and after three straight three point played UMBC got the lead back with 6:58 left. But the Retrievers could never build on an of their following leads as Loyola would get it back on the next possession each time.

With 1:40 left to play Loyola got their final lead of the game, which they kept, but gave UMBC plenty of time to gt back in. On the next UMBC possession Chris De La Rosa, who recorded six points and eight assist with three steals and three rebounds in the game, took a go ahead shot but it just rattled out. After that it was free throw time for Loyola as they were sent to the line four times.

With three seconds left UMBC got the ball to De La Rosa for the game tying three, but Loyola guard Brian Rudolph made a smart foul to send him to the line for just two shots while down three. While De La Rosa made both and UMBC made an immediate foul on the inbound, after the two Loyola free throws a full court pass in hopes of a game tying three went out of bounds, thus ending the game.

For UMBC to battle back in this game after what happened their last outing, they showed a lot of improvement. They were patient, they were hitting threes, and thy played well against a zone defense, but it just wasn’t enough. During UMBC’s comeback at the end of the game coach Randy Monroe made a switch to a five guard set, mostly because of poor play by Robbie Jackson and foul trouble for Jake Wasco and Adrian Satchell. From then on the team relied on their speed, which did work, but Loyola slammed inside and took the ball to the basket when they had possession from then on.

The start of the second half was much like the first, a hot Retriever leading the charge. This time it was Matt Spafafora who scored six of his 10 points in the beginning moments of the second half. The only other Retriever to score in double figures was freshman Shawn Grant who showed a lot of promise as he scored 11 points going 3-4 from three points range.

Next for UMBC is George Washington on Saturday at 2:00 pm

Written by Corey Johns

November 19, 2009 at 12:26 am

“The Randy Monrow UMBC Basketball Show” Back for Second Season

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Press Release From UMBC Athletics:

The venues may be new, but Retriever fans have the same chances throughout the season to talk and gather great information about their favorite hoops team.

For the second consecutive year, “The Randy Monroe UMBC Basketball Show”, will air on Fox 1370 Sports Radio and on Thursday evenings from 6-7 p.m. This season, the program will emanate from a pair of local restaurants, Chef Paolino in Catonsville, and Gianni’s Italian Bistro in Halethorpe on most Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. Veteran broadcaster Paul Mittermeier will host the show.

Each of the 15 programs will feature in-depth interviews with Coach Monroe and all the players that comprise the 2009-10 squad. There will also be appearances by special guests, such as several other Retriever head coaches, administrators, and other members of the UMBC community.

So enjoy a late lunch at these fine establishments and talk UMBC basketball with the experts! And listen to the show and every game on the 2009-10 schedule on the flagship home of the Retrievers, Fox 1370 Sports.

Chef Paolino is located at 726 Frederick Road, while Gianni’s Italian Bistro is located at 3720 Washington Boulevard.

Show Dates-2009 Location

Nov. 12, 2009 Chef Paolino

Nov. 19, 2009 Gianni’s Italian Bistro

Dec. 3, 2009 Chef Paolino

Dec. 10, 2009 Gianni’s Italian Bistro

Dec. 17, 2009 Chef Paolino

Written by Corey Johns

November 3, 2009 at 4:03 pm

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Midnight Madness a Huge Hit

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As you know Midnight madness was tonight and to anybody not there, you probably aren’t reading my blog anyway because you are probably not a sports fan.  This year was easily the most attended Midnight madness and with good reason.  Last year UMBC because the only team to win a women’s and men’s conference championship and advance to the NCAA torunament in back-to-back years.  People started to pile in as early as 8:00 and the RAC was full by 8:45 waiting for the show. 

It was good to see the Spirit Czar himself Jake Steel hosting the night in his new spirit czar get up, rugby socks, short yellow shorts, a frilly goald tuxedo vest, a gold sport coat an out of place gray Russian snow hat.  I don’t kno if that was the best choice, the hat made him look kind of crazy.

Spirit Czar

The night got kicked off at 9:00 on the dot with a Comedian, Dustin Fisher.  If you came in late you dind’t miss anything, Fisher was pretty bad and I didn’t even crack a smile at his jokes (he Dustin if you’re reading this no offense, don’t stop reading my blog, lol). 

After the comedian there were three giveaway contest and a dance team performance, but around 9:30 I started to get in the basketball mood when the girl we all love Stasi went out on the court to do her thing.  The band rocking “Hey, hey Stasi, I want to know, If you’d be my girl.”  Thats when you know it’s basketball season.

Right after Stasi was the Most Spirited fan competition.  Three people were picked out from the stands, two girls and a young kid about 7 years old.  They had to do their best UMBC chant and the first two by the girls were painfull.  They just yelled UMBC at the top of their lungs and I almost wanted to shoot a gun next to my ear to stop the horrible pain of the load screachy yells.  But the Little kid stole the show and the entire areana was into it.

Right after this the Band took over for the next 10 minutes, playing loadly for the I’m a believer song and then storming the court to play and get everybody into it and the way was lead by The big tuba player and his long hair, Kurt.

Then the Dawg Pund got a little crazy in the Club Sports Introductions.  First up was the Fall Lacrosse team who didn’t really do much, just ran out and waved.  Then the entire Dawg pount go on the floor as the Rugby team did their stuff and danced the Haka (a New Zealand War Dance).  But then the Wrestling team can out and jumped around in their spandex only to be shown up by a special guest team appearance, the men’s and women’s swimming and Diving teams who ran out in their tight speedos and swim suits.

Then the basketball stuff started to kick up.  They played a five minute movie about the last two seasons “Two season Two Title, What’s next?”  And then the Women’s Basketball team came out on the floor doing their hand slaps chest bumps with the crowd going nuts, the band doing what they do.  But where is Phil Stern?  His name was called four times at the end and he’s not coming out of the big yellow box.  All of a sudden the Spot light hits him and he’s rocking out on the drums, and you couldn’t notice that is wasn’t the normal Drummer, Apparently Stern is pretty good with the drums, who knew.

After his discovery Stern does his speach about how he’s switching to a run and gun type offense and about his team and how he needs support at all his games.

After that the girls team had their little dance, and it was hilarious.  They were honestly more entertaining than the dance team and thse girls have some moves.  It was really fun to watch and well practiced. 

Once the women’s team got done dancing the corwd roared because they knew what was next: the men’s team.  The crowd went nuts for every player and then the last two guys “the best point guard in the nation” Jay Greene, and “The best forward in the conference” Darryl Proctor came out and I couldn’t here anything else because the RAC was booming at this point, only to get loader with the Chant “Monroe, Monroe, Monroe, Monroe” as he walked out of his office and down to the floor to do is speach, again talking about how everybody must go to gmes and he got the crowd into it explaining how the energy of the fans help the team win.

But the men’s team couldn’t be shown up by the women’s team and put on their own dancing performance.  Last year i couldn’t stop laughing because it was so bad and just funny to watch, but this year, wow they were pretty tight dancing to VIC’s “Get Silly”.  I was expecting more hillarity but they were amazing and showed up the women’s team. 

The night ended with three contests starting with the women’s three point contest.  Which went to overtime between Michele Brokans and eventually won by Melissa Book.  My pik to win it was Carlee Cassidy but she surprisingly got knoked out in the first round by Brokans.

Then the men’s team came on for their turn and my pick was Jay Greene.  The first round was Matt Spadafora vs. Justin Fry and Fry won it impressively.  Then Frank McKnight spoiled my pick by taking out Jay Greene.  This set a finals between Justin Fyr and Frank McKnight.  But their was a special round between the big men, Justin fry and big 7’2″ Robbie Johnson who has to sit out this year as a transfer.  Lets just say that Jusitn fry didn’t have to shoot another three after ten second, come on we all knew Johnson wasn’t going to hit any.  Anyway the finals Fry vs. McKnight and McKnight took Fry out by one three made for this years crown.

The night finished with teh contest eerybody waited for the men’s slam dunk contest.  In the contest were Brett Burrier (6-6), Jake Wasco (6-9), Matt Spadafora (6-4), and Chauncey Gilliam (6-2).  Impressively the two big guys were knocked out of the first round with the finals set between Spadafora and Gilliam.  Spadafora made a 360 dunk to start it off to be followed by 360 behind the back dunk by Gilliam.  Then Spadafora missed his second dunk leaving Gilliam an almost guarenteed win if he made a dunk.  Well he made his dunk and fired up the crowd to where you couldn’t here again with a 360 tomohawk hook dunk.  The shortest guy won the contest, he’s pretty athletic.

The night was fun and I feel bad for anybody who missed it because the spark in th crowd was off the hook.  All I know is the basketball games should have a lot of fans there this year.