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The UMBC Sports Blog Awards

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Fall Sports:

Men’s Soccer-
MVP: Andrew Bulls (8 goals, 2 assists)
Freshman of the Year: Andrew Bulls (8 goals,, 2 assists)

Women’s Soccer-
MVP: Morgan Warrington (5 Goals, 1 assist)
Freshman of the Year: Mo Van Vlerah (35 saves, 67.3%)

MVP: Alyssa Lang (319 kills, 317 digs)
Freshman of the Year: Alyssa Lang (319 kills, 317 digs)

Men’s Cross Country-
MVP: Paul Zwama

Women’s Cross Country-
MVP: Sara Parkinson

Winter Sports:

Men’s Basketball-
MVP: Darryl Proctor (20.0ppg, 8.8rpg, 46.7 FG%)
Freshman of the Year: Chauncey Gilliam (10.9ppg, 4.4rpg, 51.4 FG%)

Women’s Basketball-
MVP: Carlee Cassidy (20.4ppg, 35.8 FG%, 32.1 3-pt%)
Freshman of the Year: Michelle Kurowski (13.7ppg, 4.6rpg, 40.6 FG%)

Men’s Swimming and Diving-
MVP: Justin Bronson

Women’s Swimming and Diving-
MVP: Samantha Maccherola

Men’s Indoor Track and Field-
MVP: Adrian Arthur

Women’s Track and Field-
MVP: Imani Colbert

Spring Sports:

Men’s Lacrosse-
MVP: Jeremy Blevins (151 saves, 54.5%)
Freshman of the Year: Rob Grimm (10 goals, 17 assists, 18 ground balls)

Women’s Lacrosse-
MVP: Kara Dorr (40 goals, 10 assists, 26 ground balls)
Freshman of the Year: Emily Coady (22 goals, 13 assists, 11 ground balls)

MVP: Shawn Retz (.380, 60 hits, 27 runs, .627 Slg%, 9 Home runs)
Freshman of the Year: Max Himmelstein (.303, 40 hits, 18 runs, .432 Slg%, 3 Home runs)

MVP: Stephanie Weigman (2.20 ERA, 22-16, 245.0 Innings Pitched, 293 strikeouts)
Freshman of the Year: Keala Mason (.255, 13 hits, 5 runs, .353 SLG%, 1 HR)

Men’s Indoor Track and Field-
MVP: Victor Gilreath

Women’s Track and Field-
MVP: Britney Foreman

Men’s Tennis-
MVP: Fredi Voorman

Women’s Tennis-
MVP: Cornelia Carapcea

Final Awards

Men’s POY: Darryl Proctor
Women’s POY: Stephanie Weigman

Men’s ROY: Andrew Bulls
Women’s ROY: Michelle Kurowski


Men’s and Women’s Tennis Bumped in Semifinals of America East Tournament

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Men’s Tennis fell 4-0 to defending champion Binghamton as Nick Savage Pollack and Fredi Voorman were winning 8-7 but Logan Bricker and John Dixon lost in their dobles match. Binghamton beat UMBC in singles in the first, fourth, and sixth positions to get the win.

UMBC did get third place as they beat Boston University 4-0. Savage-Pollack and Vorrman and Chris Meyer and Allen Tsang won their doubles matched and Voorman, Joe Adewumi, and Tsang won their singles matched for the win.

The women’s team lost to 15-time defending champion Boston U in the semi finals as they also fell 4-0. Boston U got the doubles point bur in singles Alice Chen and Emily Mannis were leading their matched before being stopped and then Boston U won the one, three, and four matches for the win.

Women’s Tennis Gets Opening Win in America East Championship over Albany, Both Teams Compete in Semifinals on Saturday

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It was a clean sweep for UMBC’s Women’s tennis team. Ana Mungo bear Susan man two sets to none with 6-2, and 6-1 wins. Cornelia Carapcea downed Charlotte Tatler 6-1 and 6-1. Joy Adewumi defeated Holly Smith 6-2. Finally Alice Chen and Emily Mannix did not finish their matched but got wins as Lauren Hamilton beat Aubrey Brooks for the clean sweep.

In doubles action Mungo and Chen beat Ma and Laine Mackey, Carapcea and Adewumi beat Tatler and Smith but Mannis and Hamilton did not get their win. But dobules were not scored.

Written by Corey Johns

April 25, 2009 at 12:03 pm

Tennis Season Concludes, Get Ready for America East Championship

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On January 2, 2009 the tennis team lost a future hall of fame coach as Keith Puryear left to take on a new challenge as the first head coach of the new Naval Academy women’s tennis team. Replacing Puryear was Baltimore native Rob Hubbard who was previously the head coach at University of Texas- Pan American since 2005. But even with the loss of a hall of fame coach and six players from a year ago, this year’s team has not taken a step back under the direction of Hubbard.

The men’s team currently holds the third best overall record in the conference at 10-7 but have yet to win a conference match as they lost to the two teams ahead of them in the standings, Binghamton and Stony Brook. The women however have the fourth best overall record at 5-5. While it may not seem like a good record, they had three games canceled in which they were heavy favorite.

“They actually should probably have a few more wins,” Hubbard said. “They had three games that were canceled for rain and we were heavily favored in those matches. Their record isn’t quite indicative of how good they are.”

While the men’s team suffered the loss of three members of the six man rotation from a year ago, a few surprises have really helped the team stay on track. Nick Savage-Pollack has done what’s been expected of his this season as he is 10-7 in dual matches and 8-7 in the first position, the surprised have been from Fredi Voorman who is coming back from an injury, Logan Bricker, and freshen Joseph Adewumi and Allen Tsang.

Last season Voorman missed time due to an injury that according to Hubbard left Voorman playing baldy hurt in the fall. But despite his injury, Voorman has the best record on the team with a 23-7 overall record and 13-4 dual record.

“Freddy had an injury last year and it took a little while for him to come back, but when you do you gain more confidence,” Hubbard said. “With Freddy’s resume I expected him to play high. He had a rough start right in the beginning against Marist but he’s been really consistent since.”

Then there is Bricker. Hubbard admitted to having more than his fair share of questions about Bricker when he came on as the coach, but Bricker has answered them all as he is currently tied for the second best dual record on the team at 10-7.

“I came in with one impression of Logan and I have a much stronger one of him now,” Hubbard said. “We’ve changed his game a little bit and made him more of a net rusher on a regular basis and have made him more of a physical player based on his size and he’s worked really hard. He’s very athletic and has an extremely strong work ethic. He’s doing really well now but watch him his senior year because he’s making some noise.”

But Hubbard has been most impressed with the play of the freshmen Adewumi and Tsang. They have taken over the fourth and fifth positions in the lineup and have really impressed Hubbard with the transition from high school to college.

“They’re freshman and are learning that it’s not junior tennis anymore, its college tennis. There is a huge difference and I’ve found that when kids come back for their sophomore year they understand more of what’s going to happen.”

As for the men’s double’s play Savage-Pollack and Voorman have combined for a duo that ranks in the top eight in the mid-Atlantic region with a 14-3 record.

“They’ve done really well. They had a hick-up in the beinning of the season against Marist and have taken off since. They’ve been consistent and they’ve been a rocket number one while we’ve been mixing up at two and three,” Hubbard said.

As for the women’s team, Hubbard cannot wait until next year for the young team to have another experience under their belt, though he is not looking forward to losing Cornelia Carapcea or Joy Adewumi to graduation.

“They’ve not only led one court but off the court two. They are both doing outstanding academically. Cornelia is leaving with a 4.0 and Joy is pretty high up their too. They are both warrior and certainly lead by example and they will be sorely missed.”

But other than Carapcea and Adewumi, sophomores Ana Mungo and Emily Mannix and freshman Carmen Jackman and Lauren Hamilton have built a solid foundation for the future of the women’s team.

“Keith Puryear left me with a very deep team here. We lost two seniors but the freshman Jackman and Hamilton are very strong. They are in the same situation as Allen and Joe on the inside but they’ve learned a lot and will be better for it next year,” Hubbard said.

But the future of the team is Mungo. Since her freshman year she’s been in the number one spot and has really impressed Hubbard.

“It’s a tough spot to come in as a freshman and be in at the number one spot. There is a lot that goes on and it’s not always a fair place to be but she’s stepped up and she’s presented herself consistently playing at the top of the lineup. She’s still young and to be playing that high is impressive. I expect that what’s she’s learned her freshman and sophomore years she’ll use to her advantage as a junior.”

The biggest worry for Hubbard on the women’s team is doubles. Jackman’s team seems to do well in doubles as she is a combined 8-2 with two different partners but much like the men’s side, Hubbard has missed things us in an attempt to find a solid two and three option.

“Doubles are really important because that one point can mean so much and usually doubles play is a team’s weakness because it’s not played much at the junior level. The big thing you look for is chemistry. It’s tough to describe but you know it when you see it. Even if they are an unorthodox style the chemistry is really the thing that is going to prevail in a match.”

With the regular season at a close, the men’s and women’s tennis teams are heading to New Haven, Connecticut for the America East Championships and like all sports, winning it guarantees a spot in the NCAA tournament, which is the goal every season.

Reschedulings and Cancellations

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Due to the rain a few games and matches have been either canceled or rescheduled. Men’s Tennis vs. St. Joseph’s for Advantage Retriever has been rescheduled to April 21 from April 14 while Women’s Tennis @ Howard was canceled.

Also today’s baseball game is likely to be rained out but no official announcement has been made and not make up date has been set. I’ll update this post when I find this out for sure.

EDIT: Today’s baseball game vs. Maryland is officially canceled and there is no make up date scheduled

Written by Corey Johns

April 15, 2009 at 10:45 am

Women’s Tennis Drops 5-2 Match to Binghamton

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Only two women’s tennis players walked away from a match against Binghamton with a win. Cornelia Carapcea and Carmen Jackman joined forces in an 8-5 doubles win over Binghamton’s Emma Leibowicz and Yulia Smirnova. and Emily Manis won bot sets over Danyelle Shaprio, 7-5 and 6-2.

Ana Mungo almost came away with a win after sending her match into a third set with a 6-3 win to void elimination, but was downed 6-4 in the final set for the loss.

Joy Adewumi won a 7-0 exhibition mach over Yagmur Gone that did not count toward the final score.

Written by Corey Johns

April 9, 2009 at 10:28 pm

Both Tennis teams Trump Delaware

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It was a cold day in Delaware but UMBC still managed two wins. The men’s tennis team won a close 4-3 battle with Allen Tsang won 12-5 in two sets, Nick Savage-Pollack won two sets to none, 7-5 and 6-4. Logan Bricker wons a three set match and Fredi Voorman won a three set match that included a tie breaker.

The women produced a slightly more distant 5-2 win over the blue hens. Cornelia Carapcea and Carmen Jackman won a 8-5 doubles match. Carapcea also did her part in singles with a 2-1 win. Jackman also won a single, 2-0. Joy Adewumi and Emily Mannis both walked away with singles wins.

Written by Corey Johns

April 8, 2009 at 12:46 am