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Jay Greene Signs With the Vermont Frost Heaves PBL Team

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His situation has been known for quite some time, but yesterday he officially signed a professional contract with the Vermont Frost Heaves of the Professional Basketball League.

While the rumors of a D-league contract were true, after he was on a plane to Boston to sign a contract he found out how high the buyout was for European teams. With that knowledge he said it limited his options and decided to reject the contract.

While the PBL is not a big time league he said he was signing there to make some money while being in discussion with European teams, so expect a move to Europe fairly soon.

But right now he is a point guard on the Vermont Frost Heaves of the PBL. O how the world goes round. For four years Jay was the enemy at Patrick’s Gym in Burlington, Vermont. Now he is going to be fan favorite for the professional team that uses the arena for their home court.


Written by Corey Johns

November 11, 2009 at 10:31 am

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