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Pack the RAC- Get 1,000 people to the Women’s Basketball game vs. Virginia

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The Mission- Get 1,000 people in the RAC to watch the Women’s basketball team take on #14 Virginia.

It’s a new year and the women’s basketball team has a huge game to open the season. They will take on one of the top teams in the nation. Their ranking doesn’t matter though. They have no wins, anything can happen. Go out and support the women’s basketball team for the big game. If you want to be a true fan you’ll go and support them. Don’t say they are outmatched so you don’t want to go, you say lets show Virginia how hard it is to play here. Last season the most people to go to a game was 861, so I know it is at least possible to get that many again. It’s on a Friday night, it’s free, it’s your team, it’s probably the most talented team UMBC has ever had, go out and cheer your lungs out and tell all your friends to be there and watch them as they get one of their biggest upsets ever.



Written by Corey Johns

November 6, 2009 at 2:32 pm

Posted in Women's Basketball

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