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Men’s Basketball Picked Sixth in Preseason Coaches Polls

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Coaches Polls:
1. Boston U (8)
2. Vermont (1)
3. Albany
4. Stony Brook
5. New Hampshire
6t. Hartford
6t. UMBC
8. Maine
9. Binghamton

(# of first place votes)

I these rankings are definitely what I expected. I disagreed with them but it’ was expected from the coaches. The only ranking that was a bit shocking was UMBC was tied with Hartford, but hey it’s the preseason and doesn’t matter right now.

First Team All-Conference Team

Marqus Blakely*
Corey Lowe*
John Holland*
Tim Ambrose
Muhammad El-Amin
Joe Zeglinski

* unanimous pick

This is very interesting. Obviously there was a tie and instead of re-voting like last year they just put six players on. In my opinion the tie was Zeglinski and El-Amin. While I agree with the top four on the list I was not completely shocked by El-Amin and Zeglinski on the list. I understand why Will Harris is out and that really speaks to the talent of El-Amin, who held together a very young team last year, and while Zeglinski was hurt last year he is extremely talented and is going to get his points in.


Written by Corey Johns

October 28, 2009 at 5:28 pm

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