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Midnight Madness Recap

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If you weren’t at midnight madness then shame on you but here are the highlights anyway:

Dance Routine by Major Definition- a UMBC based Hip-Hop dance crew

The UMBC cheer team performance- One again they failed to give up their lame cheers. UM-BC, UM-BC,…five minutes long. Also, there are three guys on the team now.

Cheerleaders (5)

The Band- as always- they rock.

Band (4)

Dance Team- as always, they were really good.

Dance Team (9)

Featured Twirler Stasi Kowalewski- Yea she’s not a world champion for nothing.

Stasi (106)

Washington Wizards Dunk Team- If you’ve ever seen the dunk show at halftime that’s what it was

Dunk Team (33)

Women’s Basketball Team Introduction

Phil Stern Spoke after the introduction (Sorry I planned on recording it but it was WAY to loud and I couldn’t make out anything he said on the recorder but basically he was saying how the goal is no to win a men’s and women’s championship in the same year and how the crowd is a big part of success and how fans should go to games. (Which you all should. The women’s team is very good. Carlee Cassidy is arguable the most dynamic player in the conference and there is a lot of young talent with her. My goal is to get 1,000 people to their first game against Virginia)

Men’s Basketball Team Introduction

Monroe spoke after and again I don’t have the exact quotes but he was pretty much saying that the crowd is the sixth man and he then really praised Matt Spadafora.

Surprise performance- turned out to be a women’s team dance-off

Women's Basketball Team (2)

Women’s Basketball 3-point contest

Players: Carlee Cassidy, Erin Brown, Chelsea Barker, Meghan Colabella

Round 1- Colabella vs. Brown- Brown
Round 1- Cassidy vs. Barker (double over time)- Cassidy
Finals- Cassidy vs. Brown- Brown
Winner- Erin Brown

Erin Brown (2)

Men’s basketball slam dunk contest

Players: Robbie Jackson, Jake Wasco Chauncey Gilliam, Bakari Smith

Round 1: Only person to make dunk was Gilliam-
Final: Gilliam vs. Jackson- Gilliam Wins second straight dunk contest

Chauncey (6)


Written by Corey Johns

October 17, 2009 at 1:21 am

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  1. Pep Band’s in tie-dye again, I see… we had those back in ’02-’03, I believe..


    October 18, 2009 at 10:31 pm

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