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Volleyball vs. Maine Preview

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 As Usually The Retriever Website Provides A Great Breakdown Of the Volleyball Games

UMBC is going to try and come back form a three game slide inorder to get back on track, and to do so they will have to travel the farthest distance you can in this counference and go to Maine. 

Maine is lead by Lindsey Allman who not only leads the team in kills (250) but also in digs (274).  On the attacking side Laura Goettsch (186), Brittany Keihl (154), and Amy Lawson (133) are the next four in fills and are assistsed by mostly Jessica Wolfenden (754). 

Defensively after Allman, Ashlee Wright leads the team in digs (239) and if followed by Goettsch (176) and Wolfenden (162).  The lead blockers are Keihl (65) and Amy Lawson (51).

Though Maine is just 10-11 (3-4) on the season.  They have a true home court advantaged winning six of seven this season.

Maine leads the series record 6-4 and Maine has beaten UMBC 3 times out of 5 in Orono.

The game should be a a milestone breaker as Pam Jarret comes into the game with 799 digs and Sarah Ball enters with 799 kills. She will be trying to be only the 10th retriever to have 800 kills in a career (and she is just a junior…technically).

My pick for player of the game. Though i still think Sarah Ball breaks out soon I think she might save it for tournament time and be the driving force (at least I hope so). But this time I pick Bridget Scheetz. Last time we played Maine, which was in the RAC, Scheetx lead the team wil 17 kills and 7 blocks mostly because of the Black Bears style of play to get the ball in the middle of the net rather than near the lines.


Written by Corey Johns

October 31, 2008 at 2:34 am

Women’s Basketball Media Day

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It’s not exactly media day because all they do is post a viedo and the polls.  The women’s team was picked ot finish fourth this year behind Vermont, Hartford, Boston U, and Hartford.  I personally think the team has a good shot to win the championship this year.  They lost a good ammount but nothing that they can’t improve on.  Carlee Cassidy was named as a preseason first team all-conference player after leading the league last year with 17.0 ppg.  The team has a very good young team this year that if they aren’t in the mix this year then they will definately be next year.  They have eight freshman with seven looking to make an immediate impact. 

It should be a good season for women’s Basketball.  I have faith that they can run the table this year and even if they don’t win they can be in the top three by the season’s end.

Written by Corey Johns

October 30, 2008 at 7:02 pm

Men’s Soccer loses, Out of Tournament

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Going into the game, the winner was pretty much gaurenteed to get into the conference tournament.  UMBC hoped to make a late season run to get in and almost did it.

16 minutes in Freshman Andrew Bulls got a pass from Kevbin Gnatiko to get a 1-0 lead that UMBC would hold for for close to 60 minutes.  But Chris Banks scored his seventh goal of the seaosn to tie the game.  The game wasn’t over yet as UMBC strike bad a minute later to regain the lead.

With four minutes left UMBC looked to be in great position to be the sixth team in the conference tournament but two late goals sent that dream out the window.  Richard Weinrebe scored at the 86 minute mark and George Dylan scored about a minute later to get a 3-2 lead and three minutes to play.  That lead was go enough and they held it for the win, effectively taking UMBC out. 

This year UMBC has had two problems that has been the cause for a down season- injuries (eight starters at some point have been out with injury), and second half goals (by the other team), allowing 10 in their last five games.

The team will try to conclude their season on an up note sunday against the winless Stony Brook

Written by Corey Johns

October 30, 2008 at 1:58 am

Women’s Soccer Season Wrap-up, Seniors, and Awards

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In new coach Alyssa Radu’s first year as head coach she made a lot of significant changes to the team and the team lineup.  The team only had 3 wins this year but she had none of her own recruits to work with and she moves players positions around.  The biggst change was moving last years all-rookie team defender Morgan Warrington up front ot play forward, where she clicked and scored a team high five goals.

The team also suffered through some major injuries.  Last years leading scorer Ashley Singer, Megan McDonald, Elyse Barlardio, and Catie Bukowski were all out for most or all of the season with an unjury.  I expect next year to be a semi-competative team with the two good sophomore and freshman classes being another year experienced in a (for the sophomores) a new coaching philosophy. 

The Seniors

  • Christine Bacinski- IN four years she started the most games in goal tallying 2741:18 minutes with 173 saves, 63 goals allowed, and a 7-21-1 record with four shutouts.
  • Catie Bukowski- Competing for time in goal with Bacinski, Bukowski suffered though injuries this year but in her career she still played 2560:02 minutes with 161 saves with 45 goals allowed.  she had a 10-16-3 record with 4 shutouts.
  • Amy Morrison- A midfield go captain that thoughout her career tallied 2 goals, 8 assists, and 12 total points (all coming in her first three years)
  • Kail Schwartz- The team’s other co-captain that even though being a defender kicked in 7 goals with 2 assists and 16 points in her UMBC career.


  • MVP: Morgan Warrington- Without question is Warrington the MVP of the team.  She scored 5 goals while the nest closest was 2 and those five were good enough for half of the teams goals.   As a freshman she was an all-rookie dfender but this year she made the switch to forward and played great.
  • Accolades: Just one post seaosn award this year- Toni DiRenzo med the all-rookie team as a defender.  From the games I saw she did play very well but I’m a bit upset that Morgan Warrington didn’t make at least the second team.  But congrats Toni. 

Overall: Like I said before, i think we can be competative next year, I don’t see a championship too soon but at least middle of the pack with the two classes.  Singer when Healthy, Warringotn, Brooke Piper, DiRenzo, LeAnne Edgar, and the returns of Bilardio and McDonald , and nxt year’s liekly goal Mo Van Vlerah adds up to a nice team to build around.

Written by Corey Johns

October 29, 2008 at 11:49 pm

New Banner

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As you all see I have a new look for my site and a cool new banner that will hopefully change every year.  OK if you want to know who’s on the banner here is my banner reveiling presentation


1. Stephanie Weigman (softball)

2. Tina Cantwell (Swimming and Diving)

3. Carlee Cassidy (Women’s Basketball)

4. Sara Willis (Women’s Lacrosse)

5. Jay Greene (Men’s Basketball)

6. Sara Ball (Volleyball)

7. Maxx Davis (Men’s Lacrosse)

8. Morgan Warrington (Women’s Soccer)

9. Cornelia Carapcea (Tennis)

10. Chris Williams (Men’s Soccer)

11. Cliff Bridges (Track and Field)

12. Ed Bach (Baseball)

13. Paul Zwama (Cross Country)

That covers all of the sports 7 girls 6 guys.  I like it

Written by Corey Johns

October 29, 2008 at 4:17 am

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Men’s Soccer vs. New Hampshire Preview

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Losing conference games early has put UMBC in a real tight spot if they want to get in the conference championship. But of the bottom four teams (three have one conference win) UMBC has the best shot to be the sixth seed with the best win which was over Binghamton. If Maine loses tomorrow and UMBC wins, they are in. But if Maine wins and UMBC wins then it goes to the final game. Either way UMBC has the best shot because they are palying the “easiest” two games left.

Tomorrow the team will take on New Hampshire in New Hampshire where the weather is supposed to be extremely cold with a strong wind. Historically the series is tied 2-2-1, but UMBC has never won a game at UNH. The Wildcats have a very solid team that, like UMBC, has come up short in there games. Lead by Chris Banks who has six goals, New Hampshire has outscored their opponenets 15-14. In goal Colin O’Donnell has gotten the most playing time and has 34 saves to 12 goals with four shutouts, meaning they have a good defense. Other threats on the offense are Kyle Urso (3 goals, 5 assists), and Sean Coleman (2 goals, 2 assists).



UMBC- 6-7-2 (1-4-1)- 0-3-2 away

UNH- 6-4-3 (1-3-1)- 4-2-0 at home

Key Win:

UMBC- Binghamton 1-0

UNH- Memphis 1-0

Key Loss:

UMBC- Boston U 3-0

UNH- Binghamton 2-0

The Streak:




The series is tied 2-2-1 but the home team has never lost in the series.

Last Game

UMBC- 3-0 loss vs. Boston U

UNH-  2-0 loss @ Binghamton

The Stat Line

                                    UMBC                          UNH

Goals Scored                  19                              15

Goals Allowed                22                              14

Total Points                   58                              44

Shot %                          .109                           .091

Opp Shot %                  .103                            .099

Corners/Opp Corners   57/61                       64/54

Saves                              70                               41

Men of the Match


  • Andrew Bulls- 7 goals, 2 Assists, 16 points, .179 Shot %
  • John Paul Waraksa- 3 goals, 1 assists, 7 points, .500 Shot %
  • Dan Bulls- 2 goals, 2 assists, 6 points, .125 Shot %
  • Steve King- 1430:14 minutes, 69 Saves, 22 GA, 5 shutouts


  • Chris Banks- 6 goals, 0 assists, 12 points, .188 shot %
  • Kyle Urso- 3 goals, 5 assists, 11 points, .086 shot %
  • Sean Coleman- 2 goals, 2 assists, 6 points, .167 shot %
  • Colin O’Donnell- 1030:57 minutes, 34 saves, 12 GA, 4 shutouts

The Coaches

UMBC- Pete Caringi- 18 seasons- 186-119-36 (.545)

UNH- Rob Thompson- 14 season- 105-104-39 (.423)

The Neat-o-Stat

UMBC- In five years, UMBC had only won one game after playing Boston U, which was a 1-0 win over Hartford in 2003

UNH- Chris Banks has not scored in the team’s last five games, a stretch that they a 0-3-2 in.

Written by Corey Johns

October 29, 2008 at 1:58 am

More On Basketball Media Day

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Ok the promised updates from America East didn’t happen so I couldn’t do it but here’s the key stuff other than what I posted before.

UMBC has a bunch of televised games

  • Wed Dec 3- WOMEN: Navy @ UMBC (MASN) 4:30
  • Wed Dec 3- MEN: Towson @ UMBC (MASN) 7:05
  • Sat Dec 13- MEN: UMBC @ Pittsburg (MASN) 7:00
  • Sat Dec 20- MEN: American @ UMBC (MASN) 7:00
  • Wed Jan 14- MEN: UMBC @ New Hampshire (CN8) 7:00
  • Sun Jan 25- MEN: UMBC @ Albany (TW3) 4:00
  • Mon Feb 2- MEN: Boston U @ UMBC (MASN) 7:00
  • Tue Feb 10- MEN: New Hampshire @ UMBC (MASN) 7:00
  • Tue Feb 17- MEN: Vermont @ UMBC (CSN) 7:00

ok here is the key to the abbreviations you probbaly don’t know- obviously you guys should know what CN8 and MASN are but

TW3 is only available is you have a dish- it’s time warner cable based in new england

and CSN is comcast sports net

Well the women get a televised game which is big and btw the notes from their media day will be available as soon as I see them.

I love that UMBC’s game vs. Pittsburgh is televised, it’s a game a lot of people will be excited for and I think based off what we did last year @ Ohio State MASN took notice.  I also like the game at New Hampshire being televised because I think New Hampsire will be good and it should be a good game.

Here are a few games that aren’t UMBC but should be big games that you should watch.

  • Fri Nov 21- MEN: Vermont @ Maryland (CSN) 8:00
  • Sun Dev 21- MEN: Delaware @ Boston U (CN8) 12:00
  • Mon Dec 22- MEN: Hartford @ Baylor (FSN [fox sports net]) 8:00
  • Tue Dec 30- MEN: Albany @ Kansas (ESPNU) 9:00
  • Sun Jan 11- MEN: Albany @ Vermont (CN8) 1:00
  • Sat Jan 21- MEN: Boston U @ Hartford (ESPNU) 2:00
  • Tue Feb 24- WOMEN: Boston U @ Hartford (CSN) 7:00

Some pretty interesting games mostly on the men’s side.  Obviously Vermont @ Maryland and Albany @ Kansas will eb big games to see how good those teams are but I’m mostly interested in Albany @ Vermont and Boston U @ Hartford to see how good those four teams who I think have the best shot of jumping UMBC are and how UMBC compates to them.

More on Proctor not making the first team conference: here is a quote from Albany’s coach Will Brown

“I don’t know how the heck Proctor wasn’t on it,” UAlbany coach Will Brown said. “That’s the last thing the coaches need to do, is get him all uptight. He’s a beast.”

Heres something from Monroe on it: “Darryl’s a very mature young man. I think he’ll handle this with a great deal of maturity. I know he’ll be prepared to play. No doubt in my mind.”

And commisioner Nero: “It just shows the depth. Regrets to Darryl, he’s a great player.”

Coach Brown you got it right…Proctor is a beast and you don’t want him to be out to prove something. But these are preaseason polls so they litterally mean nothing. Last year UMBC was picked 5th and they won Boston was picked first and they came in fifth. The coaches also didn’t get a single preseason player right. But it should be fun this year.

Quote from Monroe: “I like the team that we have. I those two guys, (Darryl) Proctor and (Jay) Greene, are very good leaders along with the kid (Matt) Spadafora and Justin Fry. And we have (Fairfield transfer) Richard Fleming, who is 6-6, very good athlete. He has quite the ability and has a feel for the game. (Being picked fourth) is fine. That’s someone’s opinion. You learn to deal with that and do the best job you possibly can.”

Written by Corey Johns

October 28, 2008 at 1:42 am